Cellular shades offer the most customization and control over entering light. They also provide excellent insulation due to their special, layered construction. Because of their unique design that incorporates pockets of air between layers of fabric, warm, outside air does not radiate as easily into your home as it does with many of your other window treatment options. This will save you money on energy costs by keeping cool, conditioned air in your home and preventing it from escaping.

Most cellular shades can be lowered or raised from the top and bottom to give you optimal control over the light that enters your home at any time of day, regardless of outside weather conditions.

Also known as honeycomb pleated blinds, cellular blinds are made from 2 pleated pieces of fabric that are sewn together at the pleats to form horizontal columns of folded fabric cells.

Cellular shades look and function very similarly to standard PVC shades but they have many more beneficial features including improved insulation from hot and cold and better control over natural light.

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